Success Stories

company & community impact

community size – 25,000 residents

company size – 5000 employees, multiple-sites, specialty manufacturing


worldwide manufacturing

company size – 1200 employees, one-site, in manufacturing

company & community impact


The employer and the community was having a difficult time attracting employees, new residents, and with retaining them.



Actively worked with the employer, the community and other stakeholders to promote a destination, a success story where everyone can build a future for their family. 



Increased hiring success rates, that resulted in a waiting list of employees wishing to join the team. Increased area home ownership as a result. Voluntary turnover was reduced by over 70%.

The efforts were recognized by winning the 2018 large employer inclusion award, being recognized by World Educational Service as a trendsetter. VIP guest to my first Social Innovation Summit.

company size – 8000, worldwide, in manufacturing


How can we spend less time trying to find the right person, with the right experience and knowledge to lead our IT transformation.



Don’t focus on the just the person, look for knowledgeable people with several needed skills and the right networks.

You can then utilize those skills, knowledge, and networks to get to the next level (you can’t build a championship team overnight). 

Market opportunities as stretch opportunities because you might not be able to get a 100% fit but with the right networks you can ensure the right people will complete the team and grow.



Hired an experienced manager with a lot of experience, but not a lot on their new platform, but had successfully led multiple implementations. 

The hire came in and used his network to build out a project team that addressed innovation, teamwork, process, and results as a collaborative. 

The project beat schedule, was on budget, and established an acceptance that you build the team based on the best talent available (at the time). 

Provided the hire and the implementation team the opportunity to take the shot and created a success story.

community size – 25,000 residents


The demographics were changing faster than the community was ready for. 

One off conversations were happening but there was nothing designed to bring the whole community together. 

This led to a lot of win at all cost conversations, us versus them, the old versus the new residents, etc. 



By using the Discovery process (minimum 13-week program), the community was able to bring leaders from the entire community together to learn about themselves, share stories and design a better future. 



Throughout the program the cohorts were encouraged to build out beyond the initial group, reminded that they gained a new self-awareness, and had practiced new skills to listen first, and that continued progress was up to them, not up to the consultants involved. 

The community is having continued conversations, started a community sharing program (that covers support, information, outreach, and established teams to address issues such as homelessness and child hunger). 

Work continues but people are listening to each other and working on how they want their future community to look, planning and working to that end.

company size – 1,200 employees, one-site, in manufacturing


The company embraced DEI as a necessity to get staffed but was not creating the full experience for the organization, the employee, their family, and the community. As a result, the employees staged a demonstration that was featured on the local news. 



Designed questions to get to the root cause with both sides and established a mechanism for sharing and addressing issues. 

The organization needed to understand what their employees were dealing with locally, the employees needed to know that the organization cared about them, their families, and the community. They both needed to listen to the other side. 



Because of the simple conversations, some early facilitation, the sides started working together and started including the broader community where appropriate. The community is still involved in community wide conversations as new issues present themselves, but they are better equipped at how to listen first, and not have to necessarily have a perfect solution but can work to a workable one, one that everyone understands is a work in progress. 

company size – 5,000 employees, multiple-sites, specialty manufacturing 


The company like many others (during the summer of 2000) was wondering how to deal with COVID while employees were at job sites. 

They were struggling with how to navigate the travel, communication, and the redeployment of resources.



After conversations with management, there was a recognition that there was no conversation with the families. 

We corrected that, improved communication with employees sidelined due to travel restrictions, communicated with the communities where the employees were and where they were going. 

Ask the employees what assistance they needed.



As the coordination between the organization, the employees, their families, and the communities improved the families started sharing their stories about how the company provided much needed information, support and understanding as the employees and their families navigated some challenging times. 

One example of a success story was the organization paying for lawn maintenance of employees sidelined away from home. 

As people shared their stories, the company saw an increase in applications and retention improved. 

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