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Human Capital Strategies
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Today’s world is transformational! Your work matters and you want to strive to be purpose led. Let us help you find and create purpose led associates. Purpose led associates not only support your business but also their family, the local residents and engage in the community. When you support each other’s purpose and identity, simple, authentic and actionable relationships result.


Human Capital Strategies & Solutions offers help in various ways.

Employers seeking candidates
we work with clients to develop strategies to address workforce planning and attraction

Potential employees seeking positions
we work with partners to help connect top tier talent with top opportunities

Organizations seeking to increase collaboration both internally and externally
(our Discovery and Playbook Programs)


Who Are We?

HCSS is a professional business consulting firm that helps organizations harness their ability to work together, not only between coworkers and customers but within systems and internal processes. HCSS brings business solutions that not only benefit the client but the larger community in which they are located.


    What We Do

    Human Capital Strategies and Solutions delivers a diverse range of solutions that positively impact organizations, communities and associates to align them for change and new beginnings. To do this, we work with our clients to assess all areas through research, design and implementation. Overall, we offer a transformational experience that helps make sense of that grey space between business strategy & business results – the people side.

    HCSS focuses on:

      • Human Capital Assessment, Strategies, and Solutions

      • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategies, awareness, assessments

      • Change Management (expansion, start-ups, technology)

      • Community Engagement

      • Training and Development

      • Continuous Improvement

      • Leadership Development


    Our Vision

    To be recognized as the premier partner in helping organizations and communities in an impactful, innovative, and efficient way by customizing solutions that help build strong, safe, equitable, and thriving relationships.

    About Us

    Human Capital Strategies and Solutions provides human capital consulting services to commercial, community, not-for-profit and governmental organizations. We work with clients to align four key stakeholders: the organization itself, its associates, the families of its associates, and the community in which they are located.

    By understanding that each client is unique, at HCSS we customize our approach with the services we offer. We incorporate a mix of industry best practices and unique solutions into our client’s current business practices and management strategies to help better serve their internal and external customers. We know that each client is different and has unique requirements. We are here to help!


    Human Capital Strategies and Solutions started as a collection of blacks swan thinkers, all having been in positions of influence across many industries. Our common thread is the collective spirit that allows us to harness our creativity, diversity and change management strategies. Overall, we are able to build great teams for our clients; teams that are able to cultivate, nourish and build a better future.

    Who is Human Capital Strategies & Solutions?

    Reggie and his team of associated consultants collaborates with clients to embrace the importance of building success stories one conversation at a time. HCSS offers creative and informed approaches to each client, knowing that what it takes to make a consultative partnership varies greatly from business to business. If your business is new, looking to scale or streamline, wanting to become more holistic, or simply hoping for a new look at old practices; HCSS can help!

    HCSS was started in 2020 by principal consultant, Reggie McDade, and has helped both Fortune 500 companies and brand-new companies by using a multi-disciplinary approach to consulting. HCSS’s home office is located in Ankeny, Iowa with a second office in Newton, Iowa.


    We provide the creativity to look at things differently. Simply put, hope, hard work and opportunity can turn the impossible into the possible, and a real success story.

    What does Human Capital Strategies & Solutions Offer?

    In order to offer a multi-disciplinary approach to consulting, HCSS must offer specialties in many different areas. These areas of execution include:

    To offer a multi-disciplinary approach to consulting, HCSS offers expertise in these areas:

    Business Consulting

    addressing the grey area between strategy and results, focused on human capital

    executive, new leader, career

    Talent Management
    data driven assessments & solutions

    Performance Issues


    Training and Leadership Development
    Including topics on unions, maintaining union free status and positive management leadership

    Retention/Attraction Strategies

    Value & Culture Curator

    Helping to equip leaders with a little more understanding

    Building Allyships

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Community Engagement & Conversations

    HCSS Discovery Process® 

    our process to review, uncover, map, understand the gaps

    HCSS Playbook®

    (Program to support owners, current and future leaders)

    Our Beliefs

    At Human Capital Strategies and Solutions, we believe in the people power and making the process, the systems, the people work together. Our clients strive to create places of employment where people can discover, connect, be inspired, and explore! We also work with organizations that are committed to diversity and inclusion, who want to build strong teams, with championship engagement, retention, and long-term support for their all their employees. At HCSS, we know that we can share, learn, and grow together. Simply put – hope, hard work and opportunity can turn difficulty into success.

    Success Stories

    “I have known Reggie since undergrad days, and we continue to offer advice and support to each other still. I have found him to be a valuable resource when I have human capital questions and concerns. His insight into human behavior and what drives people, what motivates them and what distracts them is top notch. He has always had a passion to understand what drives human behavior and is evident through his research using Neural Networks (AI) as part of his graduate research. Through his professional, academic, and personal experiences he finds ways get people to be more effective in their daily task be it on the floor or in the board room.


    Reggie shows skill and knowledge in all aspects of business as a business owner, as a sr. manager, or as a consultant. If you are looking for a consultant to help your organization navigate the grey areas, you should talk with Reggie.”

    Dr. Anthony J. Rhem, PhD.

    CEO/Principal Consultant, A.J. Rhem & Associates, Inc

    Reggie was the HR Manager during my time at TPI Composites and I know him for more than five years now. I have seen the transition led by his team from being the only woman in the room of fellow engineers in my earlier years at TPI (and also, prior to joining TPI) to working with one of the most diverse teams I have worked with in my career so far. I worked with engineers from all around the world, where each team member was respectful of each other’s beliefs, and diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, and where it was okay to make mistakes and learn. Everyone was more than willing to assist each other and go above and beyond as a TEAM and respect you for who you are. I feel grateful to have experienced such a rare team environment. I learned a lot from Reggie during my time at TPI, especially because he is someone who truly walks his talk. And it does make a difference because I have witnessed that most senior management does not do that, and I feel it is the most counterproductive thing one can do (maybe unintentional). Keep up the good work! I hope other companies benefit from your vast experience in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Best Wishes!

    Pallavi Dubey

    Ph.D. candidate, Department of Industrial Manufacturing and Systems Engineering

    “I believe Reggie is a thoughtful listener, an experienced consultant that has transcended several industries and is highly regarded as a peaceful voice in pursuit of developing leaders. In our conversations, he has helped me understand the interesting challenge of fusing multiple personalities into a more cohesive, efficient, and thriving team.”

    Phil Hodgin

    CEO/Corporate President, RDG Planning & Design

    “Reggie believes in building strong teams and getting the most from everyone, especially the hourly workforce as that’s where the work is done. He works with teams to identify barriers, opportunities, and provides them with the tools to be successful. He truly believes in and supports utilizing diverse, cross cultural and functional teams to accomplish short- and long-term goals, while allowing team members the opportunity to grow. He leads and supports from the heart and wants what is best for everyone.”

    Robin T.

    HR Director, A Major Supply Company

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